Both clients and colleagues can attest to the honesty, integrity, and expertise of Richard Brenner and Richard Brenner Real Estate. We thought that you would like to hear from others who have had successful business transactions and work relations with us. Following are some testimonials of which we are especially proud.
“Richard Brenner is a true professional as a Real Estate Broker. I have heard him speak many times and was impressed with his presentations. He has excellent attention to detail and makes it his priority to give his customers excellent service. I highly recommend Richard for your Real Estate Brokerage needs.” ◆ David Consalvo, Dealer, SyntheticLubeProducts
“Richard goes the extra mile for his clients. His knowledge and experience in the real-estate market is an asset to all his clients. Working with him, you are in good hands.
◆ Walter Schnecker, Creative Photographer, C1M Studios
“Richard is a dedicated, knowledgeable and effective real estate professional. I've watched him in action and shared in ventures.” ◆ Matthew D. Gold, Owner, Matthew D. Gold, M.D.
“Richard has been an enthusiastic Rotarian and I have enjoyed working with him on many projects. He was very instrumental in reaching out to new members during my year as Rotary President and organizing social events and volunteering to make our fund raising and projects successful.” ◆ Helene Andersen, General Manager, AVI-SPL
“Richard has always been very helpful and really knows the Commercial RE market. My dealings with Richard have always handled very professional.” ◆ Dexter Fountain, Business Broker, ROI Corp
“I enjoy working with Richard on Rotary events such as the Wine Tasting, the Auction and the STOP Program. Richard is a dedicated and caring person who gives back to his community. He is fun to work with he is a resourceful team player and he follows through and makes his efforts count.” ◆ Alan Michel, Director, HOME, Inc.
“I have been impressed repeatedly by Richard's thoroughness in adapting properties to needs. It is always obvious that he is proud of his knowledge of commercial spaces available. Too many have complimented him on his ability to help a client avoid pitfalls to consider his expertise a fluke. I trust him.”◆ Bob Wescott, Owner, Copilabs, Inc.
“I met Richard at a BNI meeting and worked with him on a project he is doing on Plum Island. Richard is extremely professional and ethical in his business dealings. Working with Richard is a pleasure.”◆ Ed Dixon, Principal, Oak Engineers
“I have worked with Richard in the past year and he has also help an old friend with a commercial property he was buying. Richard is professional, has his clients' best interest in mind, and is great at following up with his clients requests.” ◆ Ray Boutin, Owner, Boutin Appraisals, Inc.
“Richard was the Commercial Broker on a deal for one of my clients and as such he did a great job. He is extremely professional and well organized. I highly recommend Richard Brenner as a Commercial Real Estate Broker.” ◆ Rick Byers, Owner, Richard J. Byers, Attorney at Law
“I can enthusiastically recommend Richard to handle any commercial real estate transaction on either side of the deal. His professionalism and knowledge of the commercial markets and properties is unmatched by anyone I have worked with in the past. He is a talented negotiator and can be as creative as necessary to see any deal through to its conclusion. Additionally, his extensive cache of professional contacts can support any post sale requirements a client may need.” ◆ Gregory Rigby, Owner, Rigby Wealth Management
“On occasion I have had to consult with Richard regarding commercial real estate in our area. He has always been a valuable resource and willing to share his knowledge. While I have an extensive background in residential real estate, Richard has often been able to assist me to better understand the local commercial real estate market.” ◆ Bill Buck, Owner, Stone Wall Real Estate Call 508-728-9800
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